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Project #1

The main goal of Project #1 is to give tools and opportunities to the kids and teenagers around Archidona to secure a future job in tourism.  By developing new whitewater guides and safety kayakers from the communities around Archidona-Ecuador, we increase the opportunities for locals to participate in the ecotourism industry which means a larger share of the money spent by tourists remains in the local hosting community.


Many kids around the area are incredibly familiar with the rivers and the jungle but unfortunately they don't have the tools or gear to improve and professionalize those skills.

Besides teaching river skills, we want to increase the level of  basic education, motivating these kids to learn more about history, natural sciences, and english.





Resources needed: Kayak Instructor, Gear, Food, General Education Teacher Support, Logistics

Annual estimate for weekly classes that include skills training, education, transporation, gear and food:    $14,000

Project #2

The goal of Project #2 is to improve local river health and access to clean drinking water.  It's not uncommon to see waste water dumped directly into a nearby river. Fresh water supplies are also under threat from illegal mining and oil drilling.  


This project is aimed at educating local families about proper waste water disposal and sustainable water practices.

This project requires funding educational events, equipment to help establish proper waste water disposal systems (think small scale- something that supports a cluster of homes), and set up rainwater harvesting systems that provide safe and clean drinking water.

Additional Projects

Through partnership with local community members, we are engaging with kids in after school programs (we don't always kayak!). We have established a safe space for kids to learn about healthy relationships, emotional resilience, leadership, teamwork, and to just have fun!  


Deforestation is well documented across the Amazon region. Our desire is to work with local members to reforest a portion of land that runs along the Misahualli river and use the space as an education and outreach center.  This center would be managed and run by locals supported with funding from ARK. 

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