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Amazon River Keepers  is excited to be teamed with SANTIAGO CANALA-ECHEVARRÍA RAMCKE, founder of Kayak Ecuador and Pacha EcoLodge. Santiago is our eyes and ears in country and deeply connected with the local community. He identifies specific projects that need funding and we work together to help implement solutions.  Santi helps assure we are focused on projects that support the local people and the funds are used as intended.   

DANIELA CABRERA DARQUEA has a heart of gold. She volunteers much of her time to help out in her local community and works 24/7 so we are very lucky to partner with her. She helps us identify needs in the local schools and prioritizes where best to use our resources. 


DANI HOLGUIN is our yoga teacher, life coach, and wellbeing coordinator. Whether it is a yoga session focused on body awareness and breathing  or effective communication techniques, she is helping the kids develop stronger bodies and minds--essential for navigating stressful situations on the river, at home, or in the community. When it comes to local education systems, there is a lot to be desired. Dani has taken it upon herself to fill in the educational gaps in areas such as math, geography, language, anatomy, self care and self discovery. One of the things she and the kids enjoy the most is exploring new hikes and rivers in the area.


JAIR ROBLES is a prolific paddler from the area. What he loves most in life is spending time on the river, being in nature, and of course, kayaking! He is stoked to be part of the program and in his own words "It's a pleasure to be part of this incredible program and see these kids grow as kayakers and of course as people too since that is the most important thing for them, to be great people and kayakers with values ​​and good habits."

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